Moonlight Wolf Necklace
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Why Saving Wolves?

Wolf Backer is a non-charitable organization that seeks to raise awareness for wolf conservation with wolf-inspired bracelets and pendants, a symbol of our support for these beautiful wild animals, slowly disappearing throughout North America as a result of being hunted by humans for sport. We designed the Wolf Backer bracelet and pendant not only as a symbol of our passion for the conservation of these majestic creatures, but also in honor of the wolf as a spirit animal and anyone who identifies with its characteristics of intuition, intelligence and loyalty. These bracelets, made with yak bone, are known for their healing properties; helping the body balance its essential energy. With the Wolf Backer bracelet and pendant you can connect with your spirit animal while supporting a worthy cause. In fact, a portion of all proceeds for Wolf Backer bracelets and pendants will go to the World Wildlife Fund, an organization that works to protect the wolves and other wildlife across the globe. With the Wolf Backer bracelet or pendant, we want to send a message that we are taking a stand against the ruthless killing of wolves, one of Mother Nature’s most symbolic and spiritual creatures. Join us in our fight. Stand with wolves. Wear a Wolf Backer.